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Excalibur D500SHD Heavy Duty Electric Food Dehydrator, 5-Tray, Silver



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The long lasting beauty and modern appearance of Excalibur’s stainless steel dehydrators lends a touch of class to your kitchen. Dehydrate fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat for jerky, fruit puree for fruit roll-ups, raise bread or make homemade yogurt. The perfect snacks for you and your guests. Excalibur patented hyperwave technology and horizontal parallex drying removes water from food with a continuous circulation of thermostatically-controlled warm air, efficiently and user-friendly.

Preserve Your Harvest
The oldest preservation method around, dehydration prevents and delays spoilage by removing most of a food’s water content. The result? Incredible shrinking grapes, tomatoes, berries and more, compact and light enough to pack on a hike or a trip.

Prepare For Emergencies
You should have two weeks’ worth of non-perishable, easy-to-prepare survival food in your home — no good prep is complete without it. Easily prepare long term storage dehydrated food at home with Excalibur Food Dehydrators.

Make Jerky at Home
Add to your food preservation skills and improve the variety in your food storage with home made jerky. Jerky is the ideal food for summer hiking, car trips, and trips to the park. It is nutritious and low in sugar. The additional salt reduces dehydration and exhaustion.

Healthy Snacks
Make healthy, preservative-free, fruit roll-ups and other snacks that kids of all ages will enjoy or all-natural dog treats.

  • 10-Year limited
  • 5″ Fan for increased air circulation
  • Adjustable thermostat and 26-hour timer
  • 5 stainless steel heavy duty trays with 8 square feet of drying space
  • Includes Guide to Dehydration and Preserve It Naturally
  • 110/120 Volt, 440 Watts
  • Made in the USA with USA and globally sourced materials

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